Every Life is Worth Remembering

We understand that each person is different, and we believe that each funeral should be different too.  It is our core belief that a person's funeral service should reflect that person that passed away. 

For some, a religious service just isn't right.  That's why we have on staff Genesee County's only Certified Funeral Celebrant. 

What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant is a person who is trained and certified to meet the needs of families during their time of loss.

A Celebrant serves by providing a funeral service that is personalized to reflect the personality and life-style of the deceased.

Why use a Certified Celebrant?

The training for Celebrants established by the In-Sight Institute seeks to provide the most comprehensive and sensitive training available.

It is important that you and your family know that you are being served by someone who understands the process and is prepared to offer the very best service possible.

What does a Celebrant offer the Family?

  • A Celebrant has been specifically trained to design a service for your loved one that is completely personal, incorporating those unique stories, songs and experiences that defined the loved one.
  • A Celebrant will schedule a special Family Time for your family to share memories, anecdotes and special moments in the loved one’s life. The essence of the service will be based upon the remembrances of the family.
  • The Celebrant will consult with you to help design a service that best reflects and memorializes the life of your loved one. The service can incorporate music, photos, personal mementos, and unique ceremonies to create a tribute to the life lived.
  • The Celebrant can serve at a funeral service, memorial service, graveside service, anniversary tribute, tree planting, bench dedication or any other gathering designed to honor the deceased.

Our Celebrant, Steve Johnson is also one of our funeral directors.  Steve knows the emotional strain that a death puts a family under, and will work hand in hand with your family to create a memorial that is best suited for your loved one.  For more information regarding our celebrant services, please email Steve.

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