Funeral Webcasting

H.E. Turner & Company Funeral Home is proud to offer the families we serve the ability to webcast their loved one's funeral or memorial service through our website.  This service is offered free of charge.  Currently this service is only available at our Batavia location, however we are working as quickly as we can to bring this unique service to our other locations as well.

Attend a Funeral Online

Today there is a growing number of families who are taking advantage of a new funeral technology called funeral webcasting, which offers a new way to “attend” a memorial service – “live” via the the Internet.   Yes, funeral services can now be viewed “live”, privately, and securely online.  So now you can “attend” from your home, office, or anywhere in the world that provides access to the Internet.

Can’t Attend a Funeral?

For a variety of reasons such as sickness, the elderly, financial challenges, scheduling conflicts, and more, many family members and loved ones simply cannot attend a memorial service or funeral service.  However, as the funeral industry continues to embrace today’s new and cutting-edge technologies, funeral webcasting is rapidly becoming a common option that many families are choosing.

How Does Funeral Webcasting Allow You to Attend “LIVE”?

Using this innovative technology, families and loved ones can now view the actual “live” memorial service  from whatever location is most convenient.  What makes this so user-friendly is the fact that the only requirement is having access to the Internet.

Another feature that explains why many families are using funeral webcasting is because this funeral video can also be stored online, and kept readily available, either temporarily or permanently to viewed at a later date.  This explains yet another reason why so many families are choosing this funeral technology, since most people who can’t attend the memorial service “in person”, usually cannot attend “live” via the Internet either.

What About Privacy and Security?

Given such a personal and sensitive topic, most families are understandably concerned about having their loved ones memorial service “broadcasted” on the Internet.  Therefore, most families need to be assured that their funeral video is a service that is private, safe, and secure.

Families Get to Choose…Private or Public?

1.   Privacy — Funeral webcasting privacy is accomplished by offering this service through a private website that uses highly sophisticated and encrypted password protection.  This ensures that only the people you wish to join in this memorial service can participate.

2.   Public — Families also have the option to have their memorial service viewed openly by the general public.  This allows anyone with access to the internet, and knows where it is being broadcast on the Internet, to “attend”.